In this all-media, juried exhibition inspired by Dada and David Byrne, Sarah Tanguy features fifteen emerging artists who explore the fluid state of the fragmented self,  globalized culture, and the emperiled environment.

Maryland Art Place, Baltimore,
March 14 – May 6, 2006

Travis Childers examines the exhibition catalogue with a grouping of Karey Kessler's paintings on the backwall.
Juror Sarah Tanguy explains Travis Childers' Pounds of Flesh during her gallery talk. Janus artist and guests listen to juror's gllery talk. Viewers ponder the implications of Jason Ferguson's installation, Inanimate Autopsy.
Viewers interact with Jackson Martin's installation, Small Talk, and Djarkata's photographs form her Fiction series. Viewers engage with Eric Finzi's paintings from his Augustine series. A viewer studies Beth Line's Self-Portraits from her Manipulated Microscopic Image series.
Matti Havens' video, Vis-a-vis, appears to gaze at viewer, who in turn, is looking at Melissa Dickenson's painting, Crow. A guest at the opening reception tries out Kyle Miller's sound installation, Break.

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